The Legacy of the Prophet(s a w) small

The Legacy of the Prophet(saw)

The Lagacy of the Prophet (saw)


The religious and worldly life of a Muslim is focused entirely on his Lord. Triumph in both worlds’ means knowing Allah, Loving Him, trusting Him and worshipping Him alone. The believer must learn his religion discipline his soul and improve his conduct.

A believer must have firm belief that everything that happens in this life is good for him. The beleiver is required to be patient and unfaltering in the face of difficulty and thankful at times of ease.

In this book Ibn Rajab sets out o explain the counsel the Prophet (saw) imparted to ibn 'Abbas (rs), ''Safeguard Allah and He Will safeguard you. Safeguard Allah and you will find Him in front you. Know Allah in times of easiness and He will know you in times of difficulty.



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