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The Quran and the Orientalists

The Qur�an and the Orientalists takes in to account the views and assumptions advanced about the Qur�an by the doyens of the orientalists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries like William Muir, Theodor Noldeke, David Margoliouth, Arthur Jeffery, Richard Bell, Montgomery Watt, and others. These views are analyzed and discussed in three broad parts. In the first part are discussed those that constitute a direct allegation of the Prophet�s authorship of the Qur�an, particularly, his alleged borrowing from Judaeo-Christian sources, the question of his literacy and the alleged environmental influence on him in general. In the second part are dealt with those that revolve around the question of the Qur�anic wahy and are aimed at showing that the Qur�anic revelation proceeded in some form or other from the mind and personality of the Prophet, thus supplementing the allegation of his authorship.


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