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Disciplining The Soul

When mans natural impulses are not moderated it culminates in harm. If the craving for food is excessive it leads to excess. Similarly when anger is uncontrolled it leads to wrongdoing. The aim should be to achieve balance of the soul, to allow the faithful to approach God without distraction.

The book address many issues such as:  envy, greed, uncontrolled lust, sexual desire, arrogance, gluttony, anger, stinginess, extravagance and much more.  It also looks at qualities that the seeker of God must acquire such as love, self discipline, humility, self-criticism, improvement of character, patience and truthfulness. In a simple the book addresses how to cure spiritual diseases and acquire the necessary qualities for their journey to Allah.


By: Imam al-Hafiz Abu'l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi



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