Why your security is our concern

At Al Aqsa, we take security very seriously. We believe customers have a legitimate right to expect us to do everything in our power to ensure their personal data is not compromised or shared without their permission. We also know that our reputation and continued success depends on this. Hence, all sensitive data that is exchanged between our servers and your browser is fully encrypted.

We use industry-standard encryption over the "https" protocol. You don't just have to take our word for it however. Below is what the leading web browsers have to say about the security of our website. You can verify this yourself by clicking the padlock icon in your browser on our secure checkout / member pages. The icon location may vary depending on your browser, but it is usually near the address bar or on the bottom status bar.

Mozilla FireFox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Our SSL security certificate is issued by AlphaSSL, which is an online identity verification service that is trusted by all the major browsers and related technologies, including the following.

How we treat your financial information

Whether you choose to pay using PayPal or credit/debit card, no one at Al Aqsa ever sees your financial details. We do not store it either. The only thing we do store is, what you ordered, when, and whether you have paid or not.

So how do we actually process payments?

The payment is processed by PayPal, one of the world's largest online payment processors. They operate in most countries of the world, and work with most banks, and are trusted by hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. We have a merchant account with them.

When customers enter their billing details, whether that is their PayPal login details or credit/debit card information, it is sent directly to PayPal over encrypted connection. They handle the payment and instantly let us know whether it succeeded. If payment succeeds, we can go ahead and process the order, without ever having to save any financial information whatsoever.

You will be given a order/reference number so you can track the progres of your order.

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